Pursue Wellbeing for all VR Gamers

This VR training app, based on Tai Chi and Qigong, will help you relax.

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Wellness for all Gamers

Dear gamer, my name is Dirk Cassiers, and my goal is to improve your life in the meta world.

This VR training app, based on Tai Chi and Qigong, will help you relax.

Especially after many hours of gaming, it is essential to exit your game for a few moments and perform some simple but highly effective exercises.

This VR Training App is only an INTRODUCTION to Tai Chi and has no intention to replace a live Tai Chi training program.

My goal is to give profound relaxation to all VR gamers in the world

How does it work?

The training program consists of three levels of experience

  • Novice: always start with this level. The basic instructions are very pragmatic and comprehensive. If you can perform the exercise, jump to the next Apprentice level.
  • Apprentice: You will find the corresponding exercise in the Apprentice level for each Novice exercise. Stay at this level for several months, and when you master this level, jump to the next level.
  • Advanced: This is not the end-game but the start of your new happier life.

Check the Demo version first :

Check the Live version in :

Soon Available on:

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Demo version

Dear friends, I have created a demo version to get a good idea of the VR app. This demo contains some videos that clarify what Tai Chi can bring to your life.

Remember: in the real app version, I will regularly add new videos at no extra cost.


Demo version in SideQuest

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