Change Management

Why is change so hard?

Behaviour change is hard. Anyone who has ever tried to stick to their New Year’s resolutions knows how difficult it is. 25% give up within a week. The chance of sustainable change is 20% at most. That means 80% of us will never change. Why is change so hard? Change is hard because it takes …

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The (basic) physiology of static stretching

The (basic) physiology of static stretching     Within Eastern movement theory, we identify five different states of the muscles: Contraction Relaxation Stretching Releasing Loosening – Prepare Contraction In the article “The (basic) physiology of static stretching” from ACRO Physical Therapy & Fitness institute, the advantages and disadvantages of stretching are clearly described. Within Tai …

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Fascia the biological spandex

It is everywhere in your body, but what is ‘fascia’? Discover the biological spandex that helps determine your health. We are wrapped up in it, but science has long ignored fascia, the connective tissue around organs and muscles. Now it is discovering how this ‘biological spandex’ affects our health, from chronic pain to immune and …

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