What's the best way to manage stress at work

and that takes little time and is very pragmatic?

Flattening your career path.

Career path flattening

Your career is slowly starting to flatten and hope for a further step is further away than ever. But this doesn't worry you anymore. You are happy with what you are doing now and just want to end up in the same position in the same company.

Why am i always tired?

Career Path Reality

You're not getting any younger. To keep up with the pace, you work longer hours and try at your age to do the job of a 20-year-old millennial.

You are so tired that you don't have time for new hobbies at the end of the day. The daily worries of the household are then more than enough, and there is no time and energy for anything else, let alone a social visit.

Why is relaxation so difficult?

Man in bath

Sometimes you can relax well by going to the sauna for a long time and ordering a good massage.
Even when you have taken a brisk walk on a Sunday afternoon, you feel so relaxed and happy. How nice would it be to keep this feeling, even on a Monday morning, after reading a mountain of new emails and tasks that have been left behind and that have to be finished this week? How can I manage stress on a continuous basis?


Stress is everywhere and always.

You are gradually noticing that you can no longer tolerate the constant presence of stress at work.
At the end of the day, you notice that you are less tolerant towards your children and partner, which you never had before. Is it the age or is there something else going on?

I have literally seen so many of my former colleagues getting sick from the stress. Is there a simple way how to deal with burnout? How do I relieve stress in a simple and pragmatic way?

The importance of good teaching should not be underestimated

I have been associated with the E.A.S.T. Institute for the last 10 years, concerned with Transforming Energy and increasing Awareness and Sensitivity.

Since 2000 I have been taking Tai Chi classes with several teachers associated with the Patrick Kelly School. I have been teaching the Yang form of Tai Chi for 5 years in my hometown Hamont-Achel, Belgium.

In the meantime, I have an extensive group of students who attend weekly lessons.

Some quotes from my students:

By doing Tai Chi, I bring my attention to myself, to my core, which gives me peace and connection with myself. As a result, I listen to myself, to what the outside world is doing to me. Tai Chi is a complement to meditating from a seated position. It puts me literally and figuratively in motion.


For me, Tai Chi is a process of awareness, a journey of discovery within myself. By scanning my body, I gain insight into specific aches or tensions in my body. I gradually realized that I could move my body differently, unlike how I used to do it unconsciously until now. These small discoveries help me to be critical of my posture during my daily activities. They help me to change habits in my posture and movements to reduce everyday aches and pains. Awareness also takes place at the level of thinking. Tai Chi teaches me to direct my attention. I can then use this on a mental and physical level. Another challenge from Tai Chi is learning to use the energy differently. There is always an interaction in energy, attention, and movement. New sensations trigger me to keep practising.

- Martine -

Dirk takes you into the special world of Tai Chi. He guides you to more depth, relaxation, and insight in a patient and passionate way. You can also apply the exercises you learn to face or transcend the difficulties in daily life and thus grow into a better version of yourself.

- Stephan -

Tai Chi has taught me to fully relax again after I had to deal with burnout. It has also helped me with several physical tension complaints. The soft slow movements and learning to work with your attention brings me into a deeper relaxation to which my body responds gratefully. Dirk is a good teacher and radiates an enormous calmness, he also explains the exercises in easily understandable language, and he can visualize certain feelings by giving examples.

- Theo -

What’s my story?

Dirk Cassiers

When I look back at the last 20 years, I can say that life has put quite a few challenges on my path. After twenty years of marriage, a difficult divorce, then an unexpected death of my second wife and severe cancer treatment for my third wife. My two physically demanding hernia surgeries are nothing compared to the emotional and mental strain of the previous setbacks.

Each time, Tai Chi has kept me upright in these difficult situations, and I see life as one big party and realize the privilege we have to experience all this.

The Internet is full of magic cures for stress.

Magic Button

You would love to start with yoga or meditation or something like that, but how do you start and how do you make time for it? And can I handle something like that? This is completely out of my comfort zone.
I also don't want to lose time on a spiritual fuss, but very concrete and pragmatic solutions that have a lasting effect.

During the lessons, you will learn how to get more energy fast, how to relax your body in a deeper and more sustainable manner.

What is so different about this method?

Fundamental principle

The fundamental principle is to accelerate the closed-loop whereby Tai Chi movements are the centrepiece of the engine. Tai Chi movements executed correctly will increase the Sensitivity, this seeds more Relaxation. This stress reduction on the other hand will boost your Energy. The circle is closed.



National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance

The figures for Belgium alone will be quite disturbing. The trend has continued for years. There's no stopping it. The last four years have seen a 39.23% increase in long-term burnout and depression. These are official figures from the Riziv.

Total Disability in Belgium
Disability per Age 2020

Old is New Again.

Chen Man Ching

Why do you look for new things, when there are so many possibilities that have already proven their worth over centuries.
The slow movements of Tai Chi are many centuries old, and are very concrete and can be performed by anyone. The only condition is that these must be performed in a correct way in order to enjoy the healing effect.

A Fortaste

To have a first look at our training program, I propose to first watch some videos, completely without obligation. Later you decide if it really is for you.

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