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Discover Simple Ways to Become Happier & Healthier via Simple Tai Chi Movements

Dirk Cassiers

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As you know, we have set up a whole new e-learning platform to help people around the world grow and get stronger in this disruptive world. Below you can find a few samples of the different techniques and approaches and how easy it is to regain control of your own life and get more connected with your environment. You will be amazed at how simple these exercises are, and how quickly you will notice measurable results. You do have to perform your exercises yourself, but the results will definitely give you 100% satisfaction.

Enjoy the videos.

Dirk Cassiers

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Each lesson contains a minimum of 4 chapters.

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Free Video 2

With our pragmatic approach, we will retain the newly learned skills much longer than any other Cognitive approach. So no longer sitting behind the computer anymore, and no overwhelming number of PowerPoint slides.

We will learn some easy to remember and simple physical exercises founded around 300 years ago. This video will show you the Correct Standing Posture and is the first simple step to increase your awareness.

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Free Video 3

The second relaxation exercise is a continuation of the first. The axis line remains essential, but we now add a lateral wave motion. This second exercise is called "Lift Arm and drop".

Special Bonus

Physical, emotional and even psychological pressure will impose the same reaction on your body.  A simple test will show how to handle external pressure.

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