Dirk Cassiers - married - 4 kids - 4 grandchildren

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A Quick Bio

My Family:

I am married to Noella and have both two kids and 4 grandchildren. I grew up in Antwerp-Belgium with my two sisters & two brothers, lucky enough to still have my mother.

Home base: Hamont-Achel, Limburg, Belgium.

My Story:

I graduated in Physics many years ago at the University of Antwerp. I successfully build my career for more than 35 years within IT, worked for several years at one of the Big five consultancy companies, and planned my career-ending at a large multinational in Eindhoven -The Netherlands as IT Business Partner.

Corona decided otherwise, and two weeks after my 60th birthday, I receive my resignation.

Time for a career change!

As I am practicing Tai Chi since early 2000 and teaching for the last 4 years in my local village, I decided to combine both IT and Tai Chi to build an on-line Tai Chi training platform.

Another passion is flying drones to capture landscape footage. Using my video editing skills, I believe I can make a high-quality training video.

Dirk Cassiers
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