A meeting with Patrick Kelly is always special.

It’s been since 2012 since I saw Patrick for the first time. The workshop was held in Brussels. Patrick agreed I could come and look at the back of the room with some of my students. I didn’t know the short form at the time, so participating was not an option.

Now nine years later, I was admitted to the workshop in Belgium, organized by Marc Deforche. Together with 90 Tai Chi enthusiasts, we practised intensely with Patrick for a whole day.

The accuracy and depth he imparts to us are truly incredible. It was a tough day, but I enjoyed the blissful relaxation and softness that I had been given that day for a whole week.

Who recognizes me at the very back of the class?

Workshop with Patrick Kelly – Belgium – 2nd October 2021

Hopefully, he will come back to Belgium soon.

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