Your Journey To a Happier Life.

Performing Tai Chi in a correct manner will increase your sensitivity, and reduce all tension in your body. Resulting in more energy and happiness.

This is not learning, it is a journey for the rest of your life.

Many top-level managers understand the importance of managing the stress levels at work and at home

- but there's a huge problem....



Many top-level managers believe that learning martial arts is outside their comfort zone and is not feasible for people who have a sedentary jobs.



Time is the most precious asset for top managers and so it must be handled very carefully. They cannot afford to lose this precious time.



Most managers think that you have to believe in it and be open to it. If not, it will never work.


I want to show you that there's an easier way.


Your Journey

Tai Chi will lead your journey to more happiness and well-being.

Stress At Work

Relief Stress

Sometimes you can relax well by going to the sauna for a long time and ordering a good massage. Even when you have taken a brisk walk on a Sunday afternoon, you feel so relaxed and happy. How nice would it be to keep this feeling, even on a Monday morning, after reading a mountain of new emails?

Correctly performing Tai Chi will relieve stress in your body.

How to stop worrying?

Everyone feels anxious from time to time. Occasional anxiety is a normal reaction to uncertainty about what will happen next, whether that’s in the next few minutes, days, or months. Mental health experts define anxiety as worry over a threat that’s still in your future. Thinking about a conversation you dread, for example, could twist your stomach into knots days before it happens. Your heart may race before an exam or presentation. You might lie awake at night worrying about whether you’ll catch COVID-19 at the grocery store.

Tai Chi will help you to relieve worrying and anxiety.

How You React to Stress?

You are gradually noticing that you can no longer tolerate the constant presence of stress at work. You see that you are less tolerant towards your children and partner, which you never had before. Is it the age, or is there something else going on? Every physical pressure and emotional and psychological pressure lead to the same stress response in our body.

In our Tai Chi training program, I show you how we can resist this stress response.

How to manage stress?

Managing Stress

Stress is everywhere and always. I have seen so many of my former colleagues getting sick from the stress. Is there a simple way how to deal with burnout? Stress is not always a bad thing, you need stress to get moving, but always too much stress leads to severe energy loss and even burnout. Learn how to deal with this in our unique training program.


Benefits of Tai Chi

While tai chi has been developed as a form of martial arts, almost all people can take advantage of its benefits. These include:

  • Improves muscular strength and definition
  • Improves balance and flexibility
  • Enhances endurance and stamina
  • Enhances aerobic conditioning
  • Can help with weight loss
  • It helps alleviate back pain
  • Boosts cardiorespiratory function
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Improves sleeping patterns
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Helps combat fibromyalgia
  • Decreases anxiety, mild depression, and mood disorders

To make the most of these health benefits, you need to be consistent with your tai chi movements. And, of course, you’d want to perform these movements precisely, which is why this online training program has been developed.

Tai Chi vs Yoga

Tai chi and yoga have a lot of similarities. Often considered as cousins in the fitness space, both of these exercises are perfect for people of all ages. There are three things at the centre of tai chi and yoga: meditation, deep breathing, and motion sequences. Combining all three will provide massive benefits both for your physical and mental wellbeing.

But most people often wonder which is better, tai chi or yoga?

Generally speaking, tai chi focuses on one slow, continuous sequence. Meanwhile, yoga is centred on poses and maintaining these poses for several seconds or minutes.

So which is best for you?

It depends on your age, health, and overall physical conditioning. Both yoga and tai chi are pretty easy at the beginner level. As the intensity grows, however, you’ll find that tai chi is more demanding than Yoga. This isn’t surprising, given tai chi has been developed as a form of martial arts.  Tai chi and yoga are incredibly beneficial regardless of your physical capacity.

Just make sure to take each Tai Chi form and sequence easily to avoid injury.

Why Choose Us?

If you're looking for a normal training platform, you will be very disappointed here. On the other hand, if you want to start a journey to improve your Happiness, reduce your stress, and prevent Burn-outs, you're at the right spot.

Pragmatic approach: Do It Yourself

No sitting behind the computer, no overwhelming number of PowerPoint slides. But instead, we will ask to do it yourself. We will learn some easy-to-remember and simple physical exercises founded in China 300 years ago.

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

Let's take advantage of modern technology and maximize the value of a state-of-the-art e-learning Platform. Start and stop your training at your own pace and at your own place.

Everybody can follow the training

The training starts with beginners and is built up slowly. This prevents you from jostling in a swamp of videos of different levels. We help you slowly but surely grow from novice to master.

Just one Simple Subscription program

Instead of spending a lot of many money upfront, we have just one simple monthly subscription program. You will get access to ALL the courses and join our Tribe with just one subscription.

If you're not happy, just leave immediately, no hard feelings.

How It Works

Movement --> Sensitivity --> Relaxing --> More Energy


My goal is to improve the lives of thousands of people, by boosting their health and energy level and at the same time reducing stress. Authentic Tai Chi will help to increase the sensitivity of your body, allowing you to understand the tension of the muscles.

The fundamental principle is to accelerate the closed-loop whereby Tai Chi movements (Short Yang Form) are the centrepiece of the engine. Tai Chi movements executed correctly will increase the Sensitivity, this seeds more Relaxation. This stress reduction on the other hand will boost your Energy. The circle is closed.

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What’s different from other learning platforms?

Online versus Classroom

It must be clear that the most efficient way of learning is to follow live classes with a certified trainer.

Why not Youtube or Vimeo?

Both have a massive amount of excellent videos, however not ordered on different experience levels. How to find your way and how to prevent drowning in a swamp of videos?

Bookshelf Analogy

All videos are crisscrossed together. If you start reading, you will not start with Macbeth, but start with a first children’s book. I will group my training into three main categories: Novice, Advanced and Master. Even within a category, I will bundle the video’s on the different topics: Health (i.e. frozen shoulder), Spiritual (Energy fields), Scientific publications.

Start from scratch

Our platform offers you a step-by-step approach starting from scratch. Even for an experienced user, I strongly recommend starting the training from the beginning.

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